How To Elevate Your Mountain Style

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Colorado is a beautiful and amazing state. We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy our spectacular surroundings whether in the city or in the mountains. However, a challenge presents itself while living in or visiting the mountains when adverse weather conditions present themselves.

Specifically, I am referring to the problem of how to maintain a sense of personal style while walking through a foot of freshly fallen snow. My experience having grown up in the mountains of Colorado is that the weather should not be a factor in exhibiting a true sense of style.

I remember as a little girl watching my parents, who owned the first ski shop in Breckenridge called The Norway Haus, dress for the multiple holiday parties around town. Keep in mind that Breckenridge has an elevation of 9,600 feet, so snow is in abundance during the holiday season. My father was so handsome in his smartly tailored suit and tie while my ever-so-stylish mother was elegantly dressed in a silk blouse and long maxi skirt which in the early 1960's was the rage at the time. As a family, we all ventured to a friend's house to celebrate the season and not one worry was spent on the fact that we all wore boots, heavy coats, hats, scarves, and gloves. We simply wanted to get to our neighbor's houses in style and warmth to share in the festivities surrounding Christmas and New Year's.

While style certainly has changed through the years, one thing remains ---SNOW!

In today's world, especially with the EXTREME casualness of the last two years (and we all know what I am talking about).. it's time to "Elevate Your Mountain Style" which has been our mission at Pinecones for many years as well as our tagline. 

I am specifically speaking to everyone who has remained in their sweats for days on end and sporting a baseball hat every day simply because you had no place to go except the grocery store.

Now as places have reopened and things are returning to a sense of normalcy, so to speak, there is no time like the present to re-emerge and cultivate your personal mountain style.

When I lay out my clothes for the day, I start from the ground up and figure out what shoes or boots I will be wearing for the day based on the levels of snow outside. Begin with a beautiful or warm pair of boots that have a good non-slip tread so you can confidently walk in, on, or through the snow. There are many companies that manufacture sturdy, durable, yet stylish winter boots or shoes that fill the bill. Select your socks based on warmth and made of natural fibers like silk or Merino wool for warmth and breathability.

Next, leggings are great with a taller boot or even a fun and flirty skirt with a pair of patterned tights to complete the look. Of course, jeans and pants are staples in everyone's wardrobe which are appealing with a sassy short boot. In choosing a top, I layer based on the outside temperature. Honestly, layering is a year-round occurrence. On extremely cold days, start with a light-weight silk or base layer. The next layer could be a turtleneck combined with a snazzy sweater or jacket the complete the ensemble. While color is always an option, many times I wear all black to set off a fantastic piece of artisanal jewelry or a brightly colored scarf.

On our cold and snowy days, headwear is a necessity. Your style can be elevated by simply choosing the perfect hat and complimentary scarf even if the rest of your outfit is plain and unappealing. Some people say, "I don't look good in hats"..., as a former and current hat buyer trust me when I say that there is a hat for everybody. When you find the right one, you will know!

Wait, we are not done yet...It's okay to finish your stylish look with some jewelry, but remember the adage, "Less Is More", the memorable phrase coined by none other than Coco Chanel who was the original "Retail Therapist" and the epitome of fashion, taste, and style.

As we all step back into society and navigate our paths each day, reawaken your spirit and keep in mind that we all get up, get dressed one pant leg at a time, and present our very best selves to the rest of the world. Not that we are trying to impress anyone, but we all have one life to live so why not make the most of it and "Elevate Your Mountain Style".


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